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Fabien Barthez Puppet purchased in eBay Charity Auction

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Richard Rowe - CEO Golden PalaceOnline Casino spends £8,050 to help good cause

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May 26, 2005, Lyon, France -, a household name as a result of its innovative marketing campaigns, once again makes headlines as a result of the purchase of Fabien Barthez's puppet counterpart. The initial selling price of the statue was set on eBay at £5,000.

Resting on a base, the bust (measuring 75 cm high by 35 cm wide) was created especially for this occasion by Alain Duverne, creator of the puppets for the Guignols de l'info (the Information Puppets), a satirical television program on France's Channel +.

The proceeds from the sale will be used to support an organization sponsored by Fabien Barthez, the CSC (Connaitre les syndromes c?r?belleux). The CSC is dedicated to the study of diseases that attack the cerebellum (the part of the brain whose main function is to control and coordinate muscular activity and maintain balance). Proceeds will also benefit cultural and athletic projects for the victims in the disaster zones resulting from the explosion of the AZF factory in Toulouse.

"We are happy to have won this auction. Based on the number of hits that the page received, I am sure that the bust will be a very popular addition to our collection ", declared Richard Rowe, CEO of

On Saturday, May 28, the puppet will be presented to a representative on the television show "JOUR DE FOOT" hosted by Stephan Guy and Nathalie Iannetta. The broadcast will take place at the end of last day of the Championnat de France; it will air again two days before the Equipe de France-TFC in Toulouse match as a rebroadcast on Channel +.

The statue will join the Pop Culture Collection, and especially the "Beckham Ball", a souvenir of the infamous kick that Beckham made during the Euro 2004 quarterfinal match against Portugal.

Founded in 1997, was one of the very first Internet casinos, and is the most famous one in the world today. Millions of people are fascinated by the Pop Culture Collection that has amassed. Used for charitable ends, the collection includes a variety of items ranging from the fascinating to the funny and strange.

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