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24 year old Alaskan will tattoo anything - anywhere!!

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A man from Anchorage, Alaska has agreed to have multiple tattoos inked on his body, almost anywhere. With a winning bid of $4,450.00, has free reign over what and where to place it?s logo in permanent tattoos. Here?s the story in his words: ?I will Permanently Tattoo your logo's on most of my body. You can tattoo the back of my head and my chest, stomach, entire back, back of my thighs, front of my thighs, back of my calf on both legs, front legs below knee, upper arms, up the sides of my legs. This will be a tattoo that will last forever on me! You will also get to advertise on my Truck for life also.? Sounds like a deal!

He?s a boxer and will be fighting in at least 5 matches per season in Anchorage. He also is a runner and enters and wins many races, so the tattoos will definitely get maximum exposure. With pictures in the paper, and people taking photos of him fighting and running, there?s lots of opportunity for the online casino?s name to be seen. He also says he?ll wear clothing with the logo on it when entering the ring for fights, and during the week while he goes about his life and while traveling.

This may not be the first person to get a tattoo, or even the first boxer, but he may be the person to get the most tattoos! He joins the many others to take this plunge for money, including Molly Demers and Forehead Goldie.

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On January 19th, 2006 at 8:25 AM reefers said:

The guy shoulda held out for more money ! Not even 5 grand?

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