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Online Casino scores big with a walk-on part on TV!

View the eBay Auction., an online casino that isn?t in fact a real person, let alone an actor, has bought a walk-on part in an HBO comedy series. The show is called "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and stars Larry David. Here?s what the online casino gets for its $3,605.01: 1) A day on the set of "Curb's" Production, 2) A cameo appearance (non-speaking) on the show, 3) to meet the stars of the show, and 4) Lunch with the Director, Bob Weide.

It should be interesting. Maybe there will be someone playing online at on their computer in the background somewhere in one of the scenes of the show. Maybe the hand-painted logo will be hanging on a wall somewhere? Perhaps the Jesus Pierogi will be on a plate in the kitchen, or better yet, the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese sandwich. Wouldn?t that be a good use of the walk-on?

There are also some rules attached to the eBay auction win. They are: 1) must be flexible to work within show production schedule and be available within one week's notice (Show shoots in the Los Angeles area), and 2) There is no guarantee bidder's footage will actually make the final version of the show.

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On January 10th, 2006 at 11:36 AM Frankie Val said:

Long Live Larry David!

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