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Buy a dollar bill to support the U.S. Troops!

View the eBay Auction. has donated money to charities in the past and this is no different. In this heart-warming auction, a seller auctioned off a one-dollar bill and well? the seller puts it best: ?I am auctioning off a single One Dollar Bill ($1). 100% of the proceeds will go to help support our Troops and their Families via Why would anyone bid on a normal One Dollar Bill? That is easy. It is to help raise some much needed, and deserved, funds for our Troops and their Families.?

The eBay auction lasted 10 days, and the willing bid came in at $630.00. That?s one valuable dollar bill! And the money raised is going to a great cause. As Operation Homefront says in their mission statement, they are: ? ?Supporting our Troops by helping the families they leave behind? with day-to-day assistance so the deployed service members can focus on the War against Terrorism and not be preoccupied by the crises at home. As their extended family, we assist with the "Murphy's Law of Deployment." Emergency car and home repair, care packages for the soldiers, holiday baskets, furniture and baby items, and refurbished computers to keep the families connected.?

With Dennis Rodman?s run with the bulls, the purchase of the car previously owned by Pope Benedict XVI, and the winning bid on the right to name a new species of monkey, Golden Palace Online Casino has now added another notch to its charitable belt. There are many worthwhile causes out there, so there?s sure to be a continuing supply of charitable eBay auctions coming up that will be bidding on. Be sure to keep watch here for upcoming news.

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