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Magician branded for Las Vegas trip!

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View the eBay Auction. has paid a young man from North Las Vegas, NV to sport advertising on his face! For the tidy sum of $104.49, the aspiring magician will wear a tattoo on his forehead while performing on the street in front of Caesar?s Palace. He?s going to be performing from May 21 ? 28, 8 hours a day in front of the famous Caesar?s Palace, where he?ll be noticed by thousands of passersby.

This is only the most recent in a line of forehead tattoos that Golden Palace Online Casino has purchased, and promises not to be the last. The most famous being Forehead Goldie, who had a permanent tattoo inked on her forehead, advertising to help out with her child?s education funds. Forehead Goldie wasn?t the first person to have a permanent tattoo on her forehead though; that honor goes to The Human Pincushion, who was the first to have the online casino?s name inked permanently on his forehead.

Whether the first, or just the most recent forehead tattoo, they?re all interesting. Keep watching this site to stay abreast of future developments on body advertising!

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On May 25th, 2006 at 2:52 AM Mr. Safety Professional Idiot said:

I didn't catch his name.. Even in the auction, he never said what his name was.. man.. what a shame, Golden Palace is HUGE and could really help out his career.. does anyone know his name? I wanna look him up.

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