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A real eye for advertising!

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That?s right. has purchased a real glass eye from an eBay auction. They paid $46.00 to a seller from Hollywood, CA, for his uncle Bob?s WWII souvenir. As the seller says: ?My Uncle Bob lost an eye in WWII. The government gave him a beautiful brown glass eye. It matched Uncle Bob's real eye perfectly. I used to tell Uncle Bob "Hell Uncle Bob you can't tell that it's not real". Of course you could tell it wasn't real because it never moved.? Well, was definitely moved enough to buy it, and add it to their collection of unusual online auction purchases.

The glass eye was left to the seller in his uncle?s will, and he?s kept it in his dresser drawer ever since. When his girlfriend came upon it accidentally, he decided to get rid of it. As he says: ??my girlfriend said that if I don't get rid of that damn glass eye I would never get sex again! Well, what the hell do you do with a used glass eye?? Obviously, the solution is to sell it on eBay!

Who knows what that glass eye will be looking at when it?s added to the online casino?s collection of auction oddities? Perhaps it can swap old war stories with the Britney Pacifier. Or maybe it will be too distracted by the photos of breasts that were recently purchased at auction. One thing that?s for sure is that Uncle Bob?s eye will have lots to peruse in the gallery of interesting online auction purchases.

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