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Company Wins Right To Name New Species

Richard Rowe - CEO Golden Makes History For Naming Monkey Species

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APRIL 13, 2005, LA PAZ, BOLIVIA -- Internet casino has come forward as the generous bidder who recently paid $650,000 in an auction hosted by for the right to name the new species of monkey discovered in western Bolivia's Madidi National Park by Dr. Robert Wallace of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

It's a dream of all scientists to name a new species and achieve "scientific immortality," but Dr. Wallace relinquished that right for the sake of conservation, as he viewed the auction as an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for South America's poorest nation. The auction exceeded everyone's goals and attracted worldwide interest with bids from more than a dozen countries, proving that creating a lasting legacy is an innate universal ambition.'s significant donation will go to FUNDESNAP, the Bolivian organization responsible for helping manage the Madidi National Park. The funds will help maintain the monkey's home, which as one of the most bio-diverse parks in the world contains a stunning array of habitat types - from lowland forests to alpine meadows surrounded by glaciers - all in an area about the size of New Jersey. "We thought it was amazing. In Bolivia, the interest from that much money will pay for seven park guards for ever," said Adam Felton, whose son and daughter-in-law helped Dr. Wallace discover the new species. has announced that the common name, or name that people will use to refer to the new species, will be " Monkey;" the species' formal Latinized name will be Callicebus aureipalatii.

"We are delighted that Madidi National Park has received such a generous donation," John Calvelli, WCS senior vice president for Public Affairs. "This significant contribution will go a long way in safeguarding the new monkey's habitat. We extend our thanks to and the winning bidder."

"We are happy to have this opportunity to help out a very worthy cause" said CEO Richard Rowe. "This species will bear our name for as long as it exists. Hundreds, even thousands of years from now, the Monkey will live to carry our name through the ages. Naming this species has bought us scientific, as well as virtual immortality." has created a special website - - where people join in their efforts to support Madidi National Park and protect the casino's new mascot. 100% of the proceeds generated from these efforts will go to preserving the monkey's natural rainforest habitat so the species can thrive and prosper forever, a testament to's commitment to conservation and this new species.

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On August 13th, 2005 at 4:08 AM Jackie said:

They are .... like cool!
On August 14th, 2005 at 2:46 AM goldengirl aka A Torres said:

Wow you got something extremely unique and once in lifetime... I congradulate you on beating other see you guys are number one.........wooo hoo.
On August 29th, 2005 at 8:29 PM Grant said:

Your generosity and achievement will help create a truly lavish lifestyle for the monkey!

They're pretty cool looking.
On October 21st, 2005 at 11:03 PM GoldenChestGirl said:

I just have to say...You Go GoldenPalace.Com!!! that was an Awesome Purchase! Golden Palace Online Casino is #1 :)
On November 30th, 2005 at 5:34 PM random person said:

wow i dont think i would ever name a monkey that
thats a pretty weird name
On January 07th, 2006 at 2:58 PM GoldenChestGirl said:

GoldenPalace.Com isn't a weird name....What about the
The Hamadryas Baboon, or the Emperor Tamarin Monkey, oh and what about the Celebes Black Macaque Monkey...Now those are weird names! LOL

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