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Holy Grilled Cheese Pan bought on eBay

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By now, everyone has heard of the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese. made online auction history when it purchased the famed sandwich with the image if the Virgin Mary grilled into the surface. Now, they have it all! They?ve bought the actual frying pan that the famous grilled cheese was cooked in! That?s right. The sandwich was cooked 10 years ago, and fetched a hefty price on eBay, and now the owner of the sandwich has decided to give up the pan too. For $5999.99, now owns the whole set!

The former owner of the pan says: ?The pan is 10 years old and the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich was cooked in it. It truly is blessed and holy to have created the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich.? She also says she was moved to sell the pan after witnessing ??people who would become dizzy, cry, and pray to Her or just wanted to touch me, because She (The Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese) came to me 10 years ago. She has forever changed my life and the lives that have come in contact with Her.? Now she wants the Official Holy Pan to touch everyone?s life too.

This is just another in a long and still growing list of unusual online auction items purchased by, and will join the ranks along with the famous Grilled Cheese, Britney Spears' home pregnancy test, and the new Pope?s former Volkswagen, to name a few. Maybe the former sandwich and pan owner will want to sell the stove that the pan was on when the sandwich was cooked??

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