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Golden Palace Online Casino has just purchased a black plastic baseball bat on eBay. With a winning bid of $132.50, they are the proud owner of the bat. This is not just any bat; it has been sold online 4 times already, and this might not be the last time either. This is a unique auction, not because 100% of the proceeds go to charity, but because each buyer so far has agreed to let the item be retained by the original owner, and listed for auction again and again.

With this latest auction, the Louisville Slugger (125) Black Plastic Baseball Bat has raised a total of $251.04 for charity, and shows no signs of stopping. The money from this series of auctions all goes to The Ark of Hope For Children Inc., which provides stable homes for children who have fallen prey to physical abuse, sexual abuse and severe neglect. Their goal is to meet the many special needs of these children by guiding them out of the bondage of past abuse, and into lives filled with faith, hope and love.

With this auction, continues its tradition of raising money for worthwhile charities. Recently, the online casino has bought such items as Martin Luther King?s Assassin?s Bathtub, a ceramic bowl decorated by Richard Pryor, and perhaps most famously, William Shatner?s kidney stone. is also sponsoring the M.E.S.O Stormtracking Hummer as we head into this year?s tornado season.

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Comments on this event
On July 07th, 2006 at 12:37 AM Danna said:

Thanks Bunches to the Palace for Helping out the Ark of Hope! I am very proud to be a part of this awesome event! BATTER UP!!! The Auction is BACK on! And, it's the top of the 6th Inning! Item number: 160005636630
On July 09th, 2006 at 2:35 PM Ark of Hope For Children, Inc. said:

Ark of Hope For Children, wants to thank Golden Palace for their involvement in purchasing the bat and also letting it be relisted in order to help hurting children. Yes I know it is making ebay history but can you think of a more worthwhile way, doing it and helping abused and neglected children at the same time. I noticed you seem to have a soft heart for children looking at some of the things you have purchased. We are trying to build a new home on 60 acres we bought and we have decided that maybe we won't have to sell off a piece of the land to do this maybe all the wonderful people that learn about this thru ebay (the baseball bat)will get involved. We will be working with ABC here in Gainesville, Florida to try to get this made more public. They have been working with us on most of our endeavors. Just know you have been a light to these hurting children. Also we have 10 children in our home and they really got a kick out of this auction!!! God Bless, Ark of Hope For Children, Inc.

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