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Mother Teresa face-plant? on Canadian apartment door!

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The image of Mother Teresa has mysteriously appeared on an apartment door in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and the online casino famous for eBay purchases of other items with images of religious figures on them has snatched up this door for $255.00. With the Jesus Pierogi and the Virgin Mary Gilled Cheese already creating a sensation, this purchase only add fuel to the fire that runs the media machine.

According to the seller, ?This door is from an actual apartment building that was constructed in the early 1970s. Tenants in the building say that the miraculous veiled face was not in the door upon installation, but cannot say when it first appeared.? They also say that ?This door has not been modified, tampered with, or carved into, in any way. The surface is flat, and as previously stated, it is a solid wood door. It is not possible for the face that almost appears to float in this piece, to have been planted, carved, or burned into the door. It is almost as if Mother Teresa wanted to watch over whoever was in possession of this door personally. Maybe this door represents a doorway, or gateway to salvation, happiness, or just the purity and goodness of heart that Mother Teresa was known for.?

As further proof of the significance of the image appearing on that particular door, the seller says: ?A few years ago, a young couple moved into the apartment to which this door belonged. Not long after, the couple won a jackpot in a lottery! Needless to say, they have since moved on to bigger and brighter things, but their goodwill and fortune story has lived on in their absence.? And the seller has also had the good fortune to catch the eye of, wanting to add to it?s collection of online auction oddities. One can now see the crowds that gather to catch a glimpse of the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese now being able to see the face of Mother Teresa on an apartment door, and the face of Jesus on a Pierogi, a piece of a man?s bathroom wall, a rock and an Australian frying pan, to name a few. Where will the next religious figure?s likeness appear next? Only they know for sure, but when sees them, you can be certain that there will be another stir in the online auction community.

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Comments on this event
On August 24th, 2005 at 5:28 PM Martin Solevchk said:

I am deeply upset that there is a thought of Mother Teresa making a face-plant on a door. That is not a nice image to have in my head of her...
The door should be a holy shrine to her great spirit!
On August 24th, 2005 at 8:40 PM Ebenezer Scrooge said:

What rubbish! Mother Teresa indeed! Humbug!

Any idiot can plainly see that this is my long-dead partner, Jacob Marley. His image used to appear to me on door knockers. After I stopped looking at knockers [insert joke here], he started appearing on the actual door. One day I played a trick on him and put a fresh coat of varnish on the door - his face got stuck to it! That finally taught him to piss off and leave me alone!
On February 13th, 2006 at 3:12 PM Another saint said:

I often said Sister Teresa has nothing over me.

Think about it folks, my art and songs are all around the world, including Canada.
On September 17th, 2006 at 3:08 AM spedmetal said:

You people are fools! Cant you see that that is Eddie from Iron Maiden .... have a look at the \"somewhere in time\" album if you dont believe me.

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