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Keith Olbermann Found In Woman's Pants

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We always suspected Keith Olbermann of being up to no good, but we never expected him to go this far! Nevertheless, the evidence is now owned by online casino, Golden Palace.

For a final bid of $506, became the winning bidder in an eBay auction for a pair of denim jeans bearing an uncanny likeness of the host of MSNBC's hit show, Countdown. The image was apparently caused by an "accidental" spillage of bleach on the pants which seems to have revealed the strange countenance.

Golden Palace doesn't have any plans for the pants as of yet, but rest assured every effort will be made to preserve this miracle for the inspiration of future generations. Hopefully Mr. Olbermann isn't found in anyone else's pants!

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On October 10th, 2006 at 2:12 AM Connor Flynn said:

I bet I\'m more of a Keith Olbermann fan than you guys. You should let me at least try on the jeans and see how Keith and I look together...

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