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A Holy Ride - Infamous Car Selling Again On eBay

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» Play Video is putting The Pope Mobile from record-breaking auction back on the block for charity

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March 29, 2007, London, UK ? The car that drew international attention and broke eBay records with over 10 million visitors to its auction page in May 2005, is now going to be put back on the auction block by, the winners of the now famous collectible.

In what was easily one of the most phenomenal events in Internet history, the car which once belonged to Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, was won by online casino for an impressive ?188,938.88.

The seller, Benjamin Halbe, 21, bought the vehicle without knowing its? history. It was only when Halbe obtained the car?s registration documents confirming Josef Ratzinger as the former owner that he realized the truly blessed nature of his purchase. is excited to re-list this holy vehicle, in what surely will be another spectacular event. The auction will start on Saturday March 31st, 19:00 GMT, with a starting bid of only ?0.99. Search for item number 280099096259.

Proceeds from this auction will benefit Habitat for Humanity Great Britain, building hope all over the world. For more information on this great charity, please visit: Habitat For Humanity.

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