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The Pete Townshend Potato

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Normally, $81 would get you a whole lotta potatoes. Not in this case. Especially not when the buyer is then it's the price of ONE potato; not just any potato mind you but one that looks just like Pete Townshend, the lead guitarist for the classic rock band, The Who.

As the auction description stated, "this is a real natural potato that has not been genetically modified in any way". Even though it is natural, the potato bears an uncanny resemblance to Pete Townshend, one of the greatest guitarists who has ever lived. fulfilled its self-imposed obligation as Good Samaritan to the eBay community by saving this rarity from certain destruction (the owner threatened to eat it mashed with butter and sour cream if the auction was unsuccessful).

Though the online casino saved the potato from its fate, the owner wasn't so lucky: the funds from this auction will be going towards his engagement ring fund.

Naturally, The Pete Townshend Potato will take its place amongst the other incredible eBay finds that has purchased in recent months. This is truly a legend amongst potatoes.

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