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3000-Mile Atlantic Crossing to be Attempted in Rowboat!

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Columbus Who? 3000-Mile Atlantic Crossing to be Attempted in Rowboat! sponsors Atlantic Rowing Race team's Charity Row.

OCTOBER 04, 2005, LONDON , UK ?, the internet casino and poker room that has cornered the market on eccentric eBay purchases, has won the eBay auction for sponsorship of a rowing team that will make a 3000 mile journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

The auction item invited bidders to ?Share in the madness! Advertise your company on an Atlantic Challenge?. Seeing that the team are undertaking their row to raise money for the Parkinson?s Disease Society and the National Autism Society, was quick to oblige.

The auction was the brainchild of English rowing team duo Clint Evans and Chris Andrews, named C2. On November 27, 2005, they join a small number of rowing crews from around the world lining up in La Gomera in the Canary Islands for the start of a 3000 mile rowing race across the Atlantic Ocean to Antigua . Double Gold Medallist James Cracknell will also be taking part.

Each crew will be self-sufficient for food and water, plus receive no outside assistance whatsoever for the race duration. Clint and Chris will be rowing in their 23? plywood boat, taking turns at 2 hour shifts each, non-stop day and night, to maintain 24/7 progress over what is expected to be a 50 day journey duration. It is estimated that they?ll burn around 6,000 calories each daily!

It?s an intrepid challenge. In fact, the journey has actually been accomplished by fewer people than have reached the Mount Everest summit!

Clint Evans said "We're rowing for charity, but also to make a break from the ordinary, and there could be no-one better placed to support us than, based on their track record of supporting wild and weird endeavours." logo will be added to the boat alongside those of the team?s other sponsors. There are also some more unusual tie-ins between and the rowing team: the boat has been painted in a black and white Friesian cow pattern, reminiscent of recent ?100 Cow Campaign?.

?We are delighted to sponsor Clint and Chris on what must be described as an incredible journey,? said CEO Richard Rowe. ?They are putting themselves through a gruelling training regime in order to meet their goal, and we praise their passion and determination as they take on this extraordinary feat to raise money for charity.? has been on an extended eBay shopping spree for over a year now, buying up some of eBay?s most unusual items, many of which to benefit various charities worldwide. Setting the standard in marketing creativity, has devised some of the most exciting and outrageous advertising campaigns in the past few years, garnering extensive worldwide media attention for the casino and raising over $1,000,000 for charity so far.

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