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Leonard Speiser goes out in style!

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A handheld sign, made from a ruler and a cut-out of Leonard?s head, was sold on eBay for $400.00. bought the item, which was made for Leonard Speiser, an eBay Product Manager who was leaving his job. In order to raise money for the send-off party and roast, the sign was auctioned off on eBay. The sign has staples in it to roughly make a slot for the ruler, which you use to hold it up.

It?s funny to see actual eBay employees putting items up on eBay, but we are assured that: ??this listing in no way, shape, or form represents any type of official eBay business. This listing is purely a loving gesture for one of the truly great members of the eBay community.? Leonard will apparently be greatly missed by many, and they are trying to raise money for a going away present, to be given to him at the party. All the online casino got for their money is the sign and ruler; nothing more, nothing less. Now that?s nothing new to, who has bought many seemingly insignificant items on eBay. In fact, they?ve even bought an envelope with who knows what inside. It?s a mystery envelope, that?s the point. Maybe someone?s opened it up by now, buy no one?s telling us what?s inside.

Other interesting online auction buys in this ?category? could include a Corn Flake (yep, just one!), a peanut, a cherry stone and a pair of pants. One thing you can be sure of is that there will be more to come.

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