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View the eBay Auction. has won the opportunity to air a 30 second ad on a British new music podcast called ?Take Your Medicine?. The ad will be broadcast (or podcast) in early March. The ad will be featured within the first minute of the show for maximum exposure.

Take Your Medicine podcast is connected to the British new music blog of the same name, in Sheffield, UK. It features reviews and samples of new and mostly independent bands that the author has recently heard. As he puts it: ?I use this format to promote and reviews new bands, talk about music news and what other blogs are enjoying, review and preview gigs and more recently I have added a podcast element to the show, using this to do a monthly roundup.?

While this isn?t the first ad that has bought at an online auction, it is the first one to be heard on a podcast online. is very well known for having its ads shown off in interesting and unusual locations, such as the now famous cleavage ads and the many tattoos that the casino has had placed on various parts of peoples bodies.

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