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It what appears to be an attempt to corner the market on time travel, has bought a second time machine on eBay. However, unlike their first machine, this time the item is a "REAL WORKING TIME MACHINE". At least that's the claim - and the seller has pictures to prove it.

For a measly $345 the online casino purchased the "Temporal Field Displacement Generator" complete with Flux Capacitor, Dilithium Crystals, and 4 AA Energizer batteries (from the future). However, it looks like has given up on the abilities of future scientists: this time the machine wasn't built in the future only the batteries were.

The seller listed "Take back a stupid mistake you once made" as the principle reason that someone would want to own a Time Machine. It'll be interesting to see where this takes, especially since they will be able to time travel without the fear of Temporal Paradoxes or Causality Loops. It's true, the machine has a device that protects the timeline from all forms of corruption, and this protection is supported by a money-back guarantee!

With the photographic proof and a money-back guarantee, how can the online casino go wrong? Maybe they'll go back and ignore the original Time Machine's auction? That remains to be seen.

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