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Location, location location! Underwater Palace purchased on eBay!

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Now that?s using your head! The Utah woman who had a permanent tattoo placed on her forehead advertising has done it again! This time she successfully sold the Underwater Palace that was constructed to help advertise the aforementioned auction. The Palace was hand-made by Forehead Goldie herself and fetched $500.00 in the online auction.

Here?s Forehead Goldie?s description of the item: It?s 17 inches high, 22 inches wide, and 23 inches depth. It is covered in blue and green rocks for the floor inside and very decorative seashells hand picked from the ocean surrounding the entire Palace. It has well over 3,000 smooth colored glass gem rocks covering the interior and exterior of the Palace. The front of the Palace has a see through plexi glass for the front. On the plexi glass will have my name personally signed by me with my first and last name and I will also sign on it

This 1 bedroom, no bath underwater condo is no fixer-upper! It?s fully furnished, completely renovated and professionally decorated to give it that underwater look. It?s the perfect for a first home for a very small couple with no children. It has smooth colored-glass floors, and yards decorated with seashells and candles.

There?s nowhere to go but up after this online auction purchase by! What?s next in the online casino?s buying spree? Maybe a floating casino? Maybe a flying one? Keep watching the auctions to find out.

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On August 16th, 2005 at 12:35 AM mallory said:

what? this woman got a tat on her forehead? What is she thinking. People can be so stupid..
its only money honey.

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