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Well, not exactly a beagle; actually a Chihuahua. A seller from Sanbornville, NH, has sold the bobblehead dog to the online casino for $26.00. The seller puts it best herself: ?You are bidding on a bobble head Chihuahua figurine, not a live dog or an actual celebrity. I'm doing this auction because I want to prove to my husband that people will bid on anything if it's a creative enough listing... no matter how bizarre it may seem.? How true it is!

And the dog has some words on the subject as well: ?I?m all done with Hollywood? I?ve had my fifteen minutes? I know that now? I?m whatchu call a realist man. What I need is a new familia? a new casa? una vida nueva... but... I can't just leave my human who is also my manager unless someone buys me out of my contract with her...? Ahh, the fame game. Now the little guy can do some promo work for Maybe that?ll make it happy for a while.

Perhaps when the President vacates the White House to make way for the museum, he might leave his pets Barney (a Scottish Terrier) and Willy (a cat) behind for our newest addition to play with. Hopfully they won?t get too hungry, and eat up the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

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