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Dennis Rodman Runs with the Bulls for MS

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Richard Rowe - CEO Golden PalaceRodman and Sabbatini Run Against Bulls for MS Cure!

July 07, 2004, Pamplona, Spain - Dennis Rodman, legendary basketball player, former NBA Champion and showman, and Ray Sabbatini, a man stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, participated in the annual Running of the Bulls to help fund research to find a cure for the disease.

Both wearing apparel, the duo ran for their lives from a stampede of bulls through the streets of Pamplona along with the usual mob of excited runners. As is common in the bull running event, several runners got trampled by the enraged animals although Rodman and Sabbatini luckily escaped unscathed.

This is only one of many outrageous escapades for Rodman, who has made a name for himself through his amazing talent on the basketball court, tie-dye hair colors, tattoos, body piercings, and numerous shocking antics. Expect him to be participating in more high-profile events on behalf of the popular Internet casino in the future.

For Sabbatini, participating in this world-famous event was something he had long dreamed of doing, and he refused to let his condition hamper his enthusiasm.

'If this is what I have to do to bring MS awareness into the spotlight, so be it!' said the 36-year-old from Wisconsin, who was diagnosed with the disease last year. He is attempting to raise $100,000 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society ( Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system in which the insulation around the nerves is damaged or destroyed.

'I appreciate life more' just because you have MS, doesn't mean you have to stop living your dreams,' said Sabbatini. 'We all should appreciate life and live each day to the fullest, no matter what our circumstances may be.'

Earlier this year, Sabbatini approached online casino, (, asking them to help him live his dream. The Golden Palace team was so impressed by his indomitable spirit that they decided to go to Pamplona in an effort to raise more money by giving away t-shirts. For every runner that wore a Golden Palace t-shirt, the casino pledged $10 to the MS cause. The t-shirts proved to be extremely popular resulting in even more money being donated to the worthy cause.

Local television media such as RTG was on hand to witness the event, as was international media outlet Reuters and many others. The extensive coverage helped to make the event a huge success and will hopefully increase MS awareness and advance the development of a cure.

Richard Rowe, CEO, said: ' is happy to support Ray and help to fund the research for a cure to MS; helping people fulfill their dreams is part of the Golden Palace philosophy. That's why we went to Pamplona ourselves to cheer Ray on. Everyone should get together to fight this debilitating disease.'

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Comments on this event
On October 06th, 2005 at 3:55 PM luis orlando soto lopez said:

you are the best player of basketball on the world.
you are my inspiration becauase i play basketball and i read your biografy and i have one inspiration in my mind because i love the game for ever bye
On October 02nd, 2006 at 2:51 PM GG said:

Thank you Dennis for being the brave man you are, You an made it look so easy, but I am sure not one to try. I have MS and it is a great thing you did, for all whom has MS. And for GPC to spondser you. That is a great thing. I hope one day there will be a cure, or close to it in my life time.
Thank you GPC and Dennis Rodman........ GG

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