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Item number: 9508706604
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Winning bid:US $2,550.00 

Ended:Apr-20-06 20:57:32 PDT
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Ships to:United States
Item location:Joplin, MO, United States
History:19 bids
Winning bidder:goldenpalacecasino ( 211Feedback score is 100 to 499)

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Seller:elephantiq ( 9 ) About Me
Feedback:100% Positive
Member:since Apr-26-05 in United States
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Description (revised)




Advertise your name on our car as it goes for it's first and last drive off a 150 foot Cliff.


This auction is one of a kind so the advertiser that wins this auction will get exclusive advertising for an exclusive event!
This is the kind of fun us good ole boys have now we want to share with everyone else so just sit back and enjoy.

Logo/website all over our '97 Dodge Neon Sport.

This CAR will GET DESTROYED   as it drives itself off the Face of a  150 ft Cliff and the stunt will be filmed and broadcast on the internet and more. It has been awhile since an incredibly, one of a kind event has hit Ebay. I really hope this auction goes, because I really want to see this car burn. Oops, I mean crash!

I don't know if I will be able to sleep for a couple of weeks until this is over with, it's much to exciting just like Christmas. It'll be like Santa's coming and I just can't wait.


You are bidding to have your logo/website posted All over this car   while It gets drove over the side of a 150 foot cliff.
logo/website decals to be provided by winning bidder

This auction is not for the car it is for your advertisement all over the car that is going to go off the biggest cliff in Joplin, Missouri.

The Date is set for April 29 2006
How Much Publicity will this stunt get?
1. In short a lot!!
2. We have 4 TV stations in the area and we think 2 or 3 of them are going to air it on the 6:00 and 10:00 News.
3. Local News papers should be out as well.
4. We will have a live audience we think the turn out will be close to a 100 or more people!!
5. Video feeds of the stunt will be posted on the web site paintballridge.
     with Thousands of hits every month.
6. We will return to Ebay  to sell the car as a souvenir/Parts Car with Photos of the car and the event to be listed in the auction.
7.This Stunt has the makings for national Publicity

How will the stunt go?
It will start with a victory lap since the
car will be no good after the stunt, This is guaranteed!!
The car will then drive up in front of the crash crazed crowd for Photo ops and goodbyes also to allow the Press and News Crews to get their last shots of the car before it dies forever!
The car will then drive around to the top of the cliff where we will put Thelma and Louise, our volunteer blow up dolls, in and buckle them in the front seat.
Next we will jack up the car and put a big brick on the gas pedal and the rest will be American History!! When we push her off the jacks and she goes blazing off the 150 foot cliff !!!

Why are we doing this??
In short,  it will be fun to do.
Will the Air Bags go off ??
I sure hope so.
Will She Burn??
That would be too cool
Will we help her Burn??
It Might be cool to put a little something in the Trunk SMILE
Will we have a Crash test Dummy in the driver Seat ??
Yes we will have two blow up dolls, Thelma and Louise, just like the old days.
Will you have more than one camera?
Yes, we will have multiple cameras to film the crash from different angles. Please see bonus for this action below

This event will filmed from many angles for your viewing enjoyment!!

Auction bonus:
If the bidding goes over $3500 I will use my personal digital video camera as a dash cam. So if the tape survives we will have a head on view of the fall. My personal camera is valued at over $800 and will most likely be destroyed. 

Auction Bonus 2: If auction goes over $3500 we will provide graphics for the advertiser please read for further details below.

If the bidding goes over $10,000 we will have a huge mystery suprise when the neon bites the dust!

If the bidding goes over $15,000 a second vehicle will go off. This one is huge and will have lots of advertising space, that's all I can tell you. It's up to you to find out what us good ole boys are up to?


Auction Terms:
Winning bidder will have their website or logo posted on the above car
. The logo will be posted on hood, trunk, roof, and sides of the car. This auction will be exclusive advertising on my '97 Dodge Neon Sport. The car will perform a stunt in which it will destroy itself by driving off a cliff full speed. The stunt will be filmed and posted on the internet at paintballridge. No inappropriate websites will be accepted. We reserve the right to cancel any bid at any time for any reason. We retain all rights to the video created during this stunt. Winning bidder will receive a copy of the video to use in TV commercials or to post on the internet or whatever you want. The winner will also receive Photos of the car before and after. Boy, would this not make a good Vonage commercial, Yahoohoo.
Logo's or text must be provided by winner of auction by April 29th. If the auction price goes over $3500 we will provide standard 8 inch high Arial  font style letter decals.  

Serious Bidders only. We are very serious about this auction, so we respectfully ask that you email us before bidding. Payment must be received within 72 hours of auction closing.


Will The AIR BAGS GO OFF ????

Will She Burn??

Are Thelma and Louise Ready??


Is That Name on my car?? I hope so

Soon it  will be a crowd of over 100 Eager Crash Thirsty fans  lets not let them down.
And don't forget we have got lots of parking for the press and their satellite trucks.

Boy Thelma and Louise look nervous.


Who's that crazy guy in the car? Crazy enough to put a 1997 Sport Neon with brand new rebuilt engine and brand new tires up on ebay to be destroyed with a low reserve of only $800.

Shame this car's like in mint condition.

Soon it will all be history and we can all watch the video together. Who will be the one to bring us all the fun and joy of this spectacular event, soon we will know. I can't wait! Can you?






On Apr-12-06 at 09:47:38 PDT, seller added the following information:



***** Big Update  April-12-2006 ****

Just for starters we have two huge auction bonuses.
Bonus One: If this auctions passes $25,000.00 we are going to roll a full size School Bus off of the cliff. Yes this is nuts but I have made the arrangements!

Bonus Two: If the auction passes $75,000.00 we will roll a full size Mobile Home off of the cliff and just remember with your advertising on the side this one will go down in the Ebay history books.

Some Other Crazy Stuff is in the works for this auction I will post more details tomorrow. I will also give more details about the location of the event for those who want to come and watch your advertising go over the side of the cliff.

We are now seen on Wayout Auctions!

Notice: New updates will be posted Tomorrow!

On Apr-12-06 at 10:25:29 PDT, seller added the following information:



$25,000.00 Bonus If this auctions passes $25,000.00
 and we get paid this baby's going down!

On Apr-14-06 at 09:12:50 PDT, seller added the following information:

***** Big Update  April-14-2006 ****

This is just the beginning. On April 13 we were flooded with phone calls for interview requests. Also, the email box was full. We are now getting attention world wide, on April  13 we were featured on the 6 o'clock and 10 o'clock news with
KODE ACTION 12 , We are also on the front page of the JoplinDaily and in the Joplin Globe. I have another interview with a TV station today. We will try to get some video feeds up for you to see.

This event is definitely going to happen, the location will be at Paintball Ridge. Right now we know there will be lots of guaranteed press our local TV stations approximately 490,000 viewers in the 4 states. I won't be surprised if all four local TV stations carry this.


all images and logos belong to their respectful owners.

Notice: New updates will be posted Soon

On Apr-14-06 at 09:58:33 PDT, seller added the following information:

all images and logos belong to their respectful owners.

On Apr-15-06 at 11:03:25 PDT, seller added the following information:

***** Big Update  April-15-2006 ****

More press, yesterday, this story hit the associated press and is now getting picked up by news organizations all across America. My brother called me from
Kansas City and said it ran on the 5 o'clock news on TV, Kansas City has well over 2 million area residents. On my way to an interview with a local radio station 1310 AM Talk Radio , I got a call from a St. Louis radio station that had gotten the story off the AP. Now it's everywhere and I am getting calls by the dozen. I did an interview with local channel 7 KOAM TV (CBS affiliate) and they ran spots on 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock.

End result, as promised the high bidder will receive lots of publicity, right now we have at least a dozen TV and radio stations as well as many newspapers promising to be at the final event. Right now I don't doubt if we have TV trucks from other areas of the United States as well do to the press we are receiving all over the U.S.


all images and logos belong to their respectful owners.

Notice: New updates will be posted Soon

On Apr-19-06 at 07:29:23 PDT, seller added the following information:

***** Last Update  April-19-2006 ****

we are now on ebaY Pulse!

Thanks to everyone for watching this auction, we have now made ebay pulse!

We are getting ready for the big event, we are still being flooded by the media. We have done approximately 24 to 30 radio interviews across the United States and there many TV and radio stations wanting to interview the winning bidder.

The main event will be April 29th at 3:30 - 4:00 p.m. for more information contact Paintball Ridge. All are invited to come view this event.

Remember if you can't make it the video of this will be on the internet for the world to see.

Environmental concerns:
We have had a couple of people ask about the environment. Good ole boys are very  environmentally friendly. We are leaving the environment in much better shape than we found it, so our advertiser can be proud that they helped clean up the environment in the local area. We have now hauled several truckloads of trash out of the area cleaning it up for the event, we have also got a clean up crew that will come in after the event and finish the job. The land has not looked this good in years. Also, the car will be drained off radiator fluid, freeon, and any other environmentally harmful things so this will be  an environmentally friendly crash.
Supervised by a small team of experts. See ya there!!



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