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Forehead Tattoo NOT-TEMPORARY! Famous Body Piercer
Guinness world record holder - 1 year duration
Item number: 5952593222
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Winning bid: US $10,100.00  (Reserve met)  
Ended: Feb-04-05 12:04:54 PST
Start time: Jan-25-05 12:04:54 PST
History: 25 bids   (US $0.01 starting bid)
Winning bidder: golden_palace_casino ( 88Feedback score is 50 to 99)about me
Item location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ships to: Worldwide
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krayzy13 ( 66Feedback score is 50 to 99)about me
Feedback Score: 66
Positive Feedback: 97.1%
Member since May-29-03 in Canada
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Description (revised)

Ladies and Gentlemen

Boys and Girls

Children of all ages!


Previously appeared in international magazines, reality shows, news print, radio spots, books and much much more!


Interviewed by the Toronto Sun today about the auction.



You have all seen people on eBay and other sites selling there bodies for advertising space with temporary tattoos for 30-60 day limits, well now you have seen the rest its time to see the best.


My name is Brent "The Human Pincushion" Moffatt and what I am offering is your company logo, domain name on my forehead with a permanent tattoo (YES A REAL TATTOO!) for a minimum of 1 year (YES AT LEAST 1 YEAR!). Plain and simple you get a permanent billboard for a minimum of 1 year and that’s still not the best! Most of the other sellers out there are just normal people going about normal lives so the clientele coverage they have is limited to say the least. Well this is not the fact with me!


I am a 36 year old Body Piercer who has broken several Guinness World Records in body piercing and therefore I have been and will still be in the lime light as usual. So far I have been in the following Magazines, TV shows, Documentaries, Newspapers, Websites, and Radio spots.


  •  National Enquirer
  • Weekly World News
  • Sept 2004 issue of Playboy (this is easy to verify so I am not posting pictures)
  • Guinness Book of World Records 2005 edition (this is easy to verify so I am not posting pictures)
  • Local, National, International newspapers (everything from Canada wide SUN newspapers to European newsprint)
  • Local, National, International Radio spots (everything from Canadian CBC radio to New Zealand Radio and in-between)
  • To many websites to mention (Just Google my name Brent Moffatt for ideas)
  • Local, National, International TV News (everything from Canada’s A-Channel to Reuters International News Wire)
  • Featured on VH-1’s “Totally Obsessed”
  • Bull’s-eye TV’s “World of Pain 2”
  • Showcases “Kink” 2005 season (Just recieved 16 VHS tapes and it is to cool)(starting around March).
  • I will post pictures from each record


Once again I am breaking (or have broken by the time this has listed) a new world record on January 22nd 2005 for most jewelry inserted in a single sitting and will be doing even more promotion because of this and hey you never know when my next publicity stunt will be and the world will see you logo!


UPDATE!- well I have broken the new record but also I have attained the domain names for and so once I am able to get these sites built they will cover all my weird antics for the world to see. Also I have been in touch with several talk shows about the latest record and previous records so this is also in the works.


The winner of this auction will receive one (1) prime advertisement spot for placement of their domain name or logo. This domain name cannot contain or link to material with offensive material, i.e.: words, slogans, phrases, images, or symbols (if you are not sure, feel free to ask prior to bidding), and will be permanent, and will remain on this prime advertisement spot for a period of 1 year. 1 year isn't long enough? At the end of the year if you wish to extend your lease, this can be negotiated, but is not guaranteed. At the end of the contract I will have the tattoo covered with a new tattoo to my liking. Where will this prime advertising space be located? You will be leasing an area about the size of my forehead. Actually it really will be my forehead. As I go around town doing my thing, going to work, movies, the mall, hanging out with friends, etc, your domain name will be plastered smack dab on my mellon. Any interviews I do on television, newspapers, ECT will all be promoting your company, as your logo will be on my forehead the entire time. Should this idea get any media recognition, there I will be, with your domain name proudly displayed for all to see for 1 year. Also as you can see I have been in the spotlight for years now for the weird things I do but this in no way promises that I will do another world record or anything like it but if I do you will be right in the forefront.


At the very least you will get everyone in Winnipeg Manitoba and Canada talking about you and your company but at the very most it may be seen on international television since I seem to be in the news A LOT!


I will be asked why? ----well plain and simple money but money to build my own business and further my goals in life, plain and simple. It will take me years of saving to open my own piercing studio at the quality I want but this could be my ticket to have it happen much sooner and also have the fun of another weird story in my life.


Now because of the permanency of this there is a reserve on the auction but think what it would cost you a business owner to rent a walking talking billboard with my promotional quality for 1 year! If you look at it this way the reserve price is a steal!


What you get as the winning bidder is as follows:

·        Highly valuable advertising space (my forehead) for 1 year (with signed legal agreement stating that I will display a permanent tattoo (which you the buyer will be financially responsible for, and can be discussed later) containing your ad/domain for a period of 1 year.).

Physical pictures of me with the advertisement on my forehead. (These will obviously be sent to you on a weekly basis via the internet.)


·        I will also be made available to the winner for any publicity shots and or appearances (at the winner’s expense of course!)


Since this is a permanent tattoo for at least 1 year there is a reserve bid. I accept money orders, cashier checks, and wire transfers. Take advantage of this radical advertising campaign and become a part of history! Good luck and happy bidding!

THIS IS NOT A JOKE! ALL BIDS ARE LEGALLY BINDING! So if you think to make a joke bid as has been done in these auctions know that I will be hiring lawyers to ENFORCE! The bid no matter so think twice before you bid!



Now to deal with a few questions that are sure to be in peoples minds.


  1. Why?

Again to attain the funds to open my own piercing studio and have a better life for me and my common law girlfriend.


    2.   Why a permanent tattoo for a year?


Well in my world records I have learnt that if you are not the first to do something the only way to get it to work is to do it bigger and better than the last and with me I always seem to take it 10X farther but hay its fun. Also I planned to tattoo my forehead for personal reasons anyway so after the year I will have the ad covered over and go about my “normal” life.


   3.    “Your just pimping yourself out!”


Well yes I am but who doesn’t? no matter if it’s a client that I hate or a boss you can’t stand we smile and do the job and this is pimping ourselves per say this is just 1 step farther. But most in this world cannot say that they never do something they hate to put bread on the table.


   4.    “You’re just a media whore!”


Well I do enjoy the limelight and since it is fleeting I will grab hold and ride it for all it’s worth but I still and always will have my integrity because I will not hurt anyone in my antics only myself and that’s a calculated risk and I believe it to be worth it in the long run. (This one is for my Boss BIG SCARY who always calls me a media whore *laugh*)


So any other questions feel free to ask away as I am pretty much an open book.





Well i just finished an interview with the Toronto SUN newspaper which reaches all of Canada so the press is onto it already which is a great thing for me and for the winner.


I will keep you posted with everything that happens.




On 29-Jan-05 at 00:26:21 EST, seller added the following information:

Well I have been contacted by a major talkshow and hopefully this works out and have had several companies phone me directly at home with questions regarding so looking good.

On 30-Jan-05 at 18:17:03 EST, seller added the following information:

Well after Talking with my partner in the World Records we are now in the planning stage for the most extensive one yet. This one will involve 10X the planning of all the rest but hell they are fun to do.

On 30-Jan-05 at 20:02:57 EST, seller added the following information:

I was asked by a bidder what kind of press I have recieved in the years I have been doing the records, well beyond what is mentioned above there are hundreds+ of articles all over the internet about me and my antics. I will post just a few here.

And here is the recent article presented by the Toronto Sun.

On 30-Jan-05 at 20:54:14 EST, seller added the following information:

Sitting here talking to a friend I just got a call from a international Tabloid that wants to run a story after the auction if it is successful so as the minutes tick away the it gets bigger and bigger.

On 30-Jan-05 at 23:54:51 EST, seller added the following information:

Well a friend of mine has a temp site up till we can get the appropriatte bandwidth for the permanent site but at least its a start.

He will be adding pics of Calgary's World record and such that was covered internationally from Global to CNN.

*I hope he gives himself props because without him im no use with this stuff*

On 31-Jan-05 at 10:46:04 EST, seller added the following information:

Well finally and both lead directly to my website so check it out.

and thanks again to BLIZZARD for all the help.

On 31-Jan-05 at 22:25:51 EST, seller added the following information:

Well new pics should be added to very soon so check back often. They are of the national enquirer and playboy.

On 01-Feb-05 at 11:34:16 EST, seller added the following information:

Ok Shaw TV just contacted me about a story so thats what I am working on today I guess. Wish me luck!

On 01-Feb-05 at 14:42:34 EST, seller added the following information:

Well The news wants to come and hang out at my apartment as the auction ends and cover it so I guess I am in clean house mode today darnit!

On 01-Feb-05 at 16:06:56 EST, seller added the following information:

Well I just finished an interview with the Calgary Herald which has somewhere around 500,000-1,000,000 readers so that should help. I will post a link to the story as soon as I get it which should be tomorrow.

On 02-Feb-05 at 05:38:20 EST, seller added the following information:

Well the Calgary Herald story is out today and as soon as I have a link you will to.

New pics on

On 02-Feb-05 at 21:04:24 EST, seller added the following information:

Got an interview with the L.A. Times tomorrow all about the forehead ad rage so I am kinda excited about that.

*See questions for the times request*

On 03-Feb-05 at 13:16:09 EST, seller added the following information:

Well It looks like at least I will get my reserve I only wish I had
been able to make it higher because to open my own shop it will cost
about $15,000 but hay its not over till the last minute drops.

I just got off the phone with my parter in World Record crime and
the plan is for the new record to take place in late summer in Calgary
at Tribal Expressions once again. Now seeing that this is within
the 1 year time period the winner of the auction will get full
promotion from it. The last record had a full page spread in the
Calgary Herald, Winnipeg Sun, Sun newspapers across Canada, Global TV,
CNN, multiple radio spots across the world, so well over $100,000 in
advertising for his shop if you were to pay for each and every spot.


Also I am in the works with producers about a documentary that will
hopefully be filmed this year (can't gaurantee timing on this one)
But if it keeps going like we plan it should be filmed this summer
as well. Also I have been approached about doing a documentary about
all my World Records so this very well could be in the works a.s.a.p
as well since we have all the raw footage already filmed and just need


Any questions on these projects feel free to contact me thru ebay or and Tribal Expressions can be contacted at
1-403-210-2442 (owner Keith Kennedy).

Brent "The Human Pincushion" Moffatt

On 03-Feb-05 at 14:59:34 EST, seller added the following information:

Well The LA TIMES is calling tomorrow morning for an interview which i figure they want a reaction of how the auction went. (this can be verified in the question section of auction). So the winner will probably get nice advertising as well thru this.

And I have several papers and TV wanting to do interviews after the fact so that they know who won so the AD train rolls along!

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Q:  Hi ... I'm a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, and I'm working on a story about people selling ad space on their bodies in the form of tattoos for our...more answered on: Feb-02-05 
   A: coolness ill phone asap
Q:  I saw you on CNN the other day! Hope you get what you want for it!! Good luck. answered on: Feb-02-05 
   A: Thanx...I have been on CNN a few times in past but always miss it :)
Q:  You stated that you plan another world record could you give some details? I have followed all your records in the past and the coverage involved. answered on: Feb-01-05 
   A: It will be the most Ppl pierced in a set amount of time and probably will be done in Calgary again.Thanks for the support.

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