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Pin out of my Lung and a Valuable Lesson FREAK ACCIDENT Item number: 5581264898
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Winning bid: US $61.00  
Ended: May-23-05 17:46:39 PDT
Start time: May-13-05 17:46:39 PDT
History: 40 bids   (US $1.00 starting bid)
Winning bidder: goldenpalacecasino ( 108Feedback score is 100 to 499)Changed User ID (less than 30 days)
Item location: NORTH TEXAS
United States
Ships to: Worldwide
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*max*and*slader* ( 852Feedback score is 500 to 999)About Me
Feedback Score: 852
Positive Feedback: 99.8%
Member since Jul-26-01 in United States
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Description (revised)

This is me...yes, I am the idiot who acidentally sucked a straight pin down my throat while "holding" it in between my lips...I know you've done it too, well, not actually sucked it into your lung and maybe not with a straight pin, but you've held something there...whether it be a toothpick or nail or even a straight pin....

You are bidding on “The Straight Pin that was retrieved from my lung” and a “Very Valuable Lesson” that is never to be forgotten…NEVER PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR MOUTH (that isn’t edible of course). This pin was in my lung for about 13 hours. I’ll give two versions of this story...a short version and a long version...since I know there are people who don’t want to sit and read through every detail.

SHORT VERSION:The short version of this story is I was sewing and in the process of pinning my pattern on my fabric, I was “holding” a pin in my mouth between my lips (I know you’ve done this before, we all have…with a pin or a nail or anything small while your hands are busy or full). I laughed and sucked the pin down my thoat and into my lung into one of the brochioles (one of the smallest tubes in your lung). There is a picture of an x-ray below where you can see the pin in my lung. It was so far down in my lung they had to have a cardiologist remove it. The pin you are bidding on is the ACTUAL pin out of my lung. I had to drive back to the pathology dept and pick it up after I was released from the hospital…I guess they have to run tests on that sort of stuff. I have mounted it in a shadow box.

This story may catch many of you in disbelief…I know it did EVERYONE I told it to.

LONG VERSION: The key here is NEVER PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR MOUTH…yes, your mother was correct!...On September 14, 2004 I did something so idiotic I am embarrassed (so I thought I’d share it on ebay…lol). After being teased by SOOOOO many people about, it has become a joke with my family and friends, all who know I am an ebayer….they have all urged me to sell my “pin” on ebay, or at least tell my story…hey, maybe someone out there will benefit from it and that’s good enough for me:) If not, maybe it can at least become a story line in ER or Grey’s Anatomy…lol.

I’ll try to start from the beginning so you’ll understand why everything happened is so ironic. I have always wanted to know how to sew, and my mom willingly told me she would teach me. After purchasing a new machine and going over all the basics and practicing here and there, I bought a pattern for a little boys pj set ( I have a 4 year old and an 18 month old…both boys) and I was going to try my newly learned skills out. I carefully cut out the pieces I would need from the pattern, spread my fabric out all nice and neat, and began to pin my pattern to the fabric….I hope I haven’t lost any of you in the boring sewing process…lol.

As, I was pinning, I placed one of the pins between my lips to “hold” it (as many of us do with small foreign objects when our hands are full) while by hands were busy spreading fabric and getting the pattern “just right”. My mother was watching over me, making sure I was doing it all right, when she said something that made me laugh….what happened next is somewhat unbelievable… You see when you laugh you “inhale” first before you actually “laugh”. so when I inhaled to laugh…that straight pin went right down my throat! It took me a few seconds to realize what just happened, it happened SO FAST that I didn’t even have time to acknowledge it was in my mouth…it just went straight to my throat. I frantically told my mom and we giggled about it for a minute (from shock I think)…then she called the ER. She told them “my daughter just swallowed a straight pin” and they asked, “how old is your daughter?” (you could tell they thought I was a child…lol) My mom replied, “28”, and she said you could hear a big pause and then, “oh…well, she probably needs to be seen”.

My mom lives in a town of about 200 people, so you have to drive 10 miles to the nearest hospital. It was 9:00 P.M. and both my boys were already asleep at her house. My husband was working late and instead of bothering anyone I decide to drive myself to the ER, so she can stay with the boys. (You can tell I still don’t realize how serious this it) She calls my grandmother and tells me to pick her up on the way so at least I have someone with me. I call my husband on my cell phone on my way to tell him what a moron I am and he says he’ll meet me at the hospital. We get to the ER, tell them what happened….remember, this is a small town, so I know a lot of the people I am talking to…which makes it that much worse…lol…because everyone’s response was, “WHAT WERE YOU DOING????” And after letting some woman with a toothache go in before me I finally get in…by this time my husband is there and tells my grandmother to go home and go to bed because there is no telling how long this will take. They take me back to x-ray my chest and discover that it is in my wind pipe right at the top of my lungs…something I had not realized until this very moment…see, for some reason I thought I swallowed it. Now they tell me there is nothing they can do and they are going to have to transfer me to a different hospital to get it out….we now realize this is NOT looking good. Until now, we were thinking they would just fish it out with some scope or something. The ER doctor scares my husband from driving me to the transferring hospital because she says the pin could move and puncture my lung and they need to transfer me by ambulance in case there is any problem…okay, now I really feel like a COMPLETE IDIOT! I am laying in this hospital bed with a pin in my throat.

So they call for the ambulance, but before they can get there to pick me up, there is a wreck in the small town I live in….we only have ONE ambulance, so I am delayed. We sit and wait and wait and wait (if any of you have ever visited an ER you probably know the “wait” I am talking about…and I am not saying that mean, I realize they are busy, I worked in an ER near Dallas for over a year)…. I would also like to add here that my husband is NOT a patient man…he was getting very irate with the staff. The ER doc finally calls for an ambulance to come from an hour away to take me to the hospital since it is taking so long…and I think she can hear my husband getting angry…lol. During this time, the other ambulance arrives back to get me….one of the paramedics is a girl I went to high school with…so I get to tell my humiliating story AGAIN…lol. She ends up driving me to the hospital.

After FINALLY arriving at the hospital where I was transferred it was 2:00 A.M. (this whole thing started at 9:00 P.M.) the new ER doc comes in to see me and orders another x-ray….Well, after so much time and moving around the pin had moved into the bottom of my lung and INTO one of the bronchioles…which is one of the smallest tubes in your lung. Around 4:00 they come in and tell me that it has moved so far down that even a Pulmonologist can’t get it out they are going to have to call in a CARDIOLOGIST to get remove it….I started to cry. He told me they would give me anesthesia and perform a bronchoscopy (where they take a scope down my throat and into my lung and “fish” it out). They did the procedure around 10:00 A.M. …13 hours after it happened! Then I had to stay under observation for a whole day to make sure it didn’t scratch up my lungs and to be sure I didn’t have any problems with breathing. I finally get to go home September 16th.

Still to this day, my 4 year old tells me not to put things in my mouth…which I don’t, believe me…lol. And I don’t have to tell him either….he knows what happened.

I can’t tell you how many people I told this story to and they are so shocked! They claim to have done the same thing or something similar by “holding” something between their lips and it had never occurred to them that it might go down their lung or thoat if they were to laugh or cough or even breathe heavily. So, while I am still of course paying the medicals bills from this ironic accident, maybe this story can at least keep the same thing from happening to someone else. If you have read this far thank you and NEVER PUT ANY FOREIGN OBJECTS IN YOUR MOUTH!!!!

Package of pins: $2.49

Having the pin removed from my lung: $4904.30

Learning a Valuable Lesson: PRICELESS

Terms of Sale

Payments: I accept Paypal and Money orders only. Payment due within 7 days of auction close. Contact must be made with me within 1 day of winning this auction.

Shipping: Enter your zip in the calculator below....a separate window will open with shipping costs...please choose priority mail for your rates:)

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On May-15-05 at 09:54:03 PDT, seller added the following information:

This is SO crazy! I just wanted to post an update and a


As of Sunday, May 15th we are at 71 WATCHERS and the auction has 3220 hits!

Be sure to add me to your watched would be awesome to make the ebay pulse page...maybe we could get this story a little more exposure and keep this same thing from happening to others.

Click here to WATCH THIS ITEM!!!

Thank you to all of you who are watching and keeping an eye on my auction and remember...KEEP FORIEGN OBJECTS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!

On May-15-05 at 11:55:29 PDT, seller added the following information:

For some reason, I can't imagine, the "click here to watch this item" link ABOVE is NOT hopefully this one will!


On May-16-05 at 09:07:17 PDT, seller added the following information:


Well, we are up to 106 WATCHERSand 7422 HITS...with more than 7 days left! Wow, I can't believe it! Now I am hoping we make the pulse page:) Help us get there by clicking here to watch this item!!! I never thought this auction would be this big of a hit!

This outrageous ebay auction is now being featured at



On May-17-05 at 08:20:19 PDT, seller added the following information:

Hello Everyone!

We are up to 133 watchers and 9416 hits!

I received and email from one of our local CBS reporters in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and they want to do a story on my can't believe it!

Thank you to everyone who is supporting and watching this auction! If you haven't added this auction to your "watched" items list, please do....even if you don't want to bid on know you want to see how it ends:)

On May-18-05 at 20:47:16 PDT, seller added the following information:

Hello Everyone!

we are up to 154 watchers and 10,742 unique hits!

The CBS reporter is coming to my house tomorrow afternoon!!! So I should be on the local news by Friday I would think...I'll let you all know more tomorrow after my interview!

Thank you again to everyone who is supporting and watching this auction!

On May-20-05 at 08:22:03 PDT, seller added the following information:

I am kinda bummed. The CBS news reporter had to reschedule my interview for next week. There was a drowning and apparently that was bigger coverage than my pin on ebay, so he had to go do the "breaking news" and skip my pin:( Which I totally understand, I just wanted to get my auction some publicity.

The good news is we are up to 160 watchers and 11,130 unique hits! I haven't made the pulse page for "all categories", but I have under WIERD STUFF! If you go to the pulse page, then on the categories box, scroll down to "everything else". After it takes you to that page, scroll down again to "wierd stuff"....there I am! YAY!

Keep supporting the auction! It isn't over yet....put it in your watched items to see what happens! It will end on Monday.

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