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Deed for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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Bid on the Deed for the White House busy auctionclosing soonNo Reserve Auction OR Reserve Price Met

Highest Bid

CA$55.00 (approx $43.45) (reserve met)

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1125327885-28162-0 (Featured)





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Start Time

Mon 29 Aug 10:22:07 2005 (PDT)

eBid Time

Mon 12 Sep 10:22:12 2005 (PDT)

Close Time

Mon 12 Sep 10:22:00 2005 (PDT)

Starting Bid

CA$10.00 (approx $7.90)





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Canada, Australia, United States, Ireland, United Kingdom

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zorfzorf [0]New User
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Joined Sat 27 Aug 08:25:20 2005 (PDT)

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Included in Price (CA$0.00 (approx $0.00))[Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, China, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Holland, Sweden, United States]

Deed for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


U.S. Government Has Lost Original Deed

Valued at $106,000.00 by HouseValues, this prestigious home has 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms and 29 fireplaces. It is a famous work place with an unusually shaped office for the new owner. This is a prominent residence, where even the names of the bedrooms are nationally celebrated. Needs some work. Seller willing to negotiate.

While doing research for my new book, Night of the Realtors, about a Canadian realtor who sells the White House, I discovered that the U.S. Government has no deed recording the property ownership for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

A written request to the U.S. National Archives, the repository for records of this period, reavled startling results. After a two month search, the National Archives could not find the deed for the White House and admitted so in a letter.

Amred with this surprising information and a good amount of legal survey and analysis, I am now in a position to offer for sale the only known deed in existence.

“The winning bid will acquire a Quit Claim Deed for the famous property, plus a signed copy of my book - Night of the Realtors. The new owner of the deed may then record it with the DC Government. Under the District of Columbia Code 42 – 406 the first to record the deed shall then enjoy legal preference over similar claimants.”


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Bid History

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GoldenPalaceCom [0]New User

Mon 12 Sep 10:21:08 2005 (PDT)

CA$55.00 (approx $43.45)

MrTM [0]New User

Fri 09 Sep 12:47:39 2005 (PDT)

CA$50.00 (approx $39.50)

yuki001 [0]New User

Fri 09 Sep 09:03:42 2005 (PDT)

CA$40.00 (approx $31.60)

MrTM [0]New User

Thu 08 Sep 15:08:24 2005 (PDT)

CA$25.00 (approx $19.75)

yuki001 [0]New User

Tue 30 Aug 15:50:57 2005 (PDT)

CA$21.00 (approx $16.59)

yuki001 [0]New User

Tue 30 Aug 15:50:57 2005 (PDT)

CA$20.00 (approx $15.80)

MrTM [0]New User

Thu 08 Sep 15:07:47 2005 (PDT)

CA$15.00 (approx $11.85)

yuki001 [0]New User

Tue 30 Aug 15:50:57 2005 (PDT)

CA$10.00 (approx $7.90)

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CA$55.00 (approx $43.45)

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CA$60.00 (approx $47.40)

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