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Brown Goes Down In The Eighth

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Marseille, France, August 11, 2002 -- Frenchman Jean-Marc Mormeck defended his WBA cruiserweight title yesterday with a victory over a bloodied Dale Brown of Canada when the referee stopped the bout in the eighth round.

The bout was sluggish and uneventful until the fourth round when Mormeck landed a crushing right cross and some hard body blows. Brown appeared to lose his bearings as a result, throwing several punches that missed their mark. Mormeck kept up the pressure until the eighth round when Brown visible staggered after a flurry of blows by the Frenchman. With just seconds left in the round, the referee stopped the fight after Brown's defense appeared to falter altogether.

This was Mormeck's first title defense after winning the title from American Virgil Hill this past February. For yesterday's fight, the Frenchman entered the ring wearing the Indian headdress Hill had given him after their bout.

'I really wanted to win this fight before the tenth round,' the Frenchman said after the fight. 'I wanted to start out light, moving around a lot . . . then use my strength in the later rounds.'

Mormeck's strategy proved successful enough to retain him his title. Brown admitted that he lost his cool early on in the match.

'I felt really good the first couple of rounds but I got undisciplined and came in straight up and got caught with some right hands and couldn't see,' said Brown, who was ranked ninth by the WBA heading into the fight. He added that he should have stayed away from the Frenchman until the later rounds.

'It's very disappointing for me right now--this is what I've worked so hard for.'

Dale Brown was sponsored by cyber casino, the site responsible for the controversial back ad tattoos appearing on high-profile boxers. Brown is also an enthusiastic supporter of the BOC (Boxers' Organizing Committee), a group committed to putting the boxer in the forefront and on a level playing field with other professional athletes in terms of salary, endorsements, medical care, retirement, and other issues.

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