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Leonard Dorin Wins WBA Lightweight Title

Interbox produces another Champion

SAN ANTONIO - On January 5, 2002, Leonard Dorin defeated Raul Balbi to win the WBA Lightweight Championship at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas.

This was a battle right out of a 'Rocky' movie. Both men fought like lions, throwing and landing an incredible number of punches - Dorin throwing 1083 and connecting 476 times, while Balbi landed 345 of his 927 attempts.

The term 'sweet science' is an absolute misnomer if you take this match as an example; 'slugfest' or 'street fight' would be more appropriate, as each man tried to pound his opponent into the next millenium. Dorin eventually prevailed in a heavily disputed split decision, 114-113, 115-112 and 112-115.

Yvon Michel, general manager of Interbox, expected this to be a 'very tough fight', but was confident in his fighter's ability. Dorin is now the second champion to come from the Interbox stable, after their man Eric Lucas defeated Dingaan Thobela on November 30, 2001 to retain the WBC super-middleweight title.

The Golden Palace Online Casino sponsored Leonard Dorin, who sported the words '' on his back as a Henna tattoo during the bout. Dorin is in good company - Bernard Hopkins, Eric Lucas, and Dale Brown have all been sponsored and tattooed by the cyber casino, and they all went on to win their matches. The popular gaming site seems to have a knack for picking winners and is proud to have sponsored their fourth so far.

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