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Sky High Ad Campaign!

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» Play Video has reached new heights with its media ad campaigns. Several skydivers and base-jumpers have given the #1 Online Casino a big lift. Two intrepid jumpers have attempted one of the most dangerous base jumps in the world (3,212 feet), Angel Falls in Venezuela, and were successful. 1 in 100 base jumps ends in fatality, and if you survive the jump itself, landing in the jungle can be just as deadly, with a large population of deadly Bush Master snakes living below the falls.

The exit point at Angel Falls that the Golden Palace jumpers will launch from has only been jumped by four people. Two of them died there, and the two survivors are the ones you can watch on the video on this page. During the jump, one of the jumpers skimmed the cliff wall by only 5 feet on the way down, while traveling at 120 mph. Not only were there two base jumpers wearing the flying suits, but also some cameramen parachuting down to catch the action up close. One of them was injured in a practice jump, but came back for the real thing, just to catch the video.

This is the first time that has advertised in the air. Not that long ago, the online casino?s name could be seen from the air, in a farmer?s field in Kansas in November of 2005. You can see the Golden Palace Events page here. Jumping from cliffs isn?t all that new for the online casino either, or at least driving cars off cliffs isn?t. Recently, 11 cars were driven off a cliff to raise money for charity, all with logo all over them. You can see the Golden Palace Events page here. We hope you enjoy the video of this spectacular and extreme stunt, and please remember that these are professional base-jumpers and skydivers, so don?t try this at home!

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On July 22nd, 2006 at 10:44 PM goldengirl said:

Oh wow... man has some guts to do this...... wish I could if I was disabled and afraid of but congrats wish i could of see it in person..... GG (Ana Torres)

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