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Cricket finally becomes an exciting game!!

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Mark Roberts, famous for streaking at the Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston in 2004, has made another splash with his latest streak. At the 5th day of the Ashes Test Match at Brit Oval in Kennington, UK, Roberts can be seen (in the video available on this page) jumping over the low barrier surrounding the pitch (that?s field to most of us), ripping of his Velcro clothing, and doing some ballet-type moves around the field in nothing more than a tutu and thong. He was able to run about for around a minute before being collared by security officials. There is much merriment to be heard in the crowd as the Brits do have a thing for running around naked in public every now and again.

Mr. Roberts, who has streaked (or should that be stricken? struck?) more than 380 times since his first, in 1993 at a Rugby Match in Hong Kong, is best known for dancing a jig at the Super Bowl last year. For that, he was featured on David Letterman, and Jay Leno the next day. He called the Super Bowl streak his ?Holy Grail?. He has also streaked at Wimbledon (several times) and the World Cup. He must be the world?s only professional streaker! If you want to find out more about him, you can visit his website,

Mark?s web site has a little blurb up about the Cricket Streak and you can be sure we?ll have more to say about it here too, as the information starts to filter in. Keep tuned to this page for more info, as we get it. And while you?re waiting, be sure to check out the other streaking events we?ve catalogued for you here at

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