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Skater Streaks World Figure Skating Championships

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Richard Rowe - CEO Golden PalaceDortmund, GERMANY, Saturday March 27, 2004 -- Dortmund crowds aghast in Ladies Free Program event of World Figure Skating Championships 2004 when emblazoned streaker strikes for skating gold...

Dortmund crowds who had gathered to watch the Ladies Free Program earlier today were shocked, stunned - and in fits of laughter, as a torso tattooed, comically and scantily dressed figure suddenly appeared from nowhere, leaping onto the ice rink and performing a 'Free Dance' of his very own in front of American Skating Champion, Michelle Kwan.

Spectators were clearly surprised. 'I'd seen this before, during the Super Bowl I think, but I really didn't expect it here. I guess that's the point...' said one Skating fan who'd traveled all the way from the US to watch the Championships. 'This guy in a gold tutu, ski goggles and no shirt just appeared out of nowhere and started skating around, trying to do some spins, just goofing off, you know? He could skate, but he sure couldn't dance (laughs). Michelle Kwan didn't seem to want to be distracted; at least he got a smile out of her! I thought it was pretty funny, seeing him flopping around like a circus clown. He had the whole place laughing for the longest time because security just couldn't catch him.'

Wearing only a tutu and tattoo of the Internet casino website across his naked torso, the streaker performed to live audiences of millions both in the stadium and watching coverage televised worldwide. He was shortly overcome by security and led off the rink.

Sources have revealed the identity of the streaker to be Ron Simon, the self-proclaimed 'World's Best Drummer'. Rumours circulating report that music fans within the Golden Palace team may have originally backed Simon in his lifetime goal of a record deal drumming debut, and that in celebration for the support, he has since taken his own streaking initiative. Ever the committed professional, it seems that Simon may have been practising for his ice dance debut for some time. Sources from the general public have come forward reporting having seen the tutued figure in various locations throughout Germany, with his eye catching form caught on camera limbering up in gyms and training rinks throughout Europe.

In an exclusive interview, Golden Palace expressed how they have been truly stunned by the growing public passion for their brand and unprecedented exposure. What began as company driven innovative marketing has truly taken on a life of its own, spiralling into copycat syndrome and pushing everyday people worldwide to streak in a public declaration of support for key Golden Palace Casino brand values: fun, daring, tongue in cheek humour and light hearted living.

'Our marketing strategy is...unique to say the least,' joked Richard Rowe, CEO Golden Palace. 'Our ad tattoo is the perfect example. What began as a small marketing stunt has snowballed into a phenomenon. People have taken streaking to new heights.'

During brief comments before being led away by security, Simon expressed his jubilation at having performed to millions and his admiration for the sport. 'I have real passion for Golden Palace. Golden Palace is soaring to new heights and I wanted to be part of it. And I have the biggest respect for these athletes. This is the hardest sport that I've tried. I took three or so lessons before I learned that I wasn't made for it. I think that figure skating is a bit too serious though. It needs to be funnier.'

In what is fast reaching stages of sporting event ubiquity, Golden Palace inspired stuntmen are forging a history of stunning audiences worldwide. Since the first Golden Palace streaker (a.k.a. Mark Roberts, the 'World's Most Prolific Streaker') made his appearance at the UEFA Cup Final in summer 2003, fellow streakers have appeared at events including the PGA Tour's U.S. Open, the World Swimming Championships and the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Mark himself reappeared most recently this February during the US Super bowl. And interestingly, Marketing spokespersons worldwide are fast documenting how the Golden Palace team with the Midas touch have performed marketing alchemy, transforming an essentially harmless mode of expression into the world's most exciting and innovative marketing technique.

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On August 13th, 2005 at 1:30 AM Kelli Torrence said:

You guys are the bomb of marketing! I laughed so hard when I watched the video, but even more so, I'll remember you, no doubt. The video really did it. Just reading about the event didn't, but when I watched the video Even the most staunch and anal person would surely have cracked a smile upon seeing such a sight if they were there and I'll bet they remember you too! Ya'll keep up the hysterical marketing techniques because you can't ever go wrong with humor.

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