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Mark Roberts streaks UEFA Cup Final

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SEVILLE, SPAIN, MAY 21, 2003 -- Internet casino made an unorthodox appearance at the UEFA Cup Final between Portugal and Scotland when a streaker interrupted the game sporting the casino site's infamous ad tattoo on his back.

Players looked somewhat confused as a man dressed as a referee ran to center field, presented a red card, then tore away his clothes to reveal the words ' Click Here' on his back. The man then proceeded to run around for several seconds in his birthday suit before being escorted off by security.

The online casino has made headlines before with their innovative Henna ad tattoos appearing on the backs on several high-profile boxers. Since Bernard 'The Executioner' Hopkins was first tattooed for his title fight against Felix Trinidad in September 2001, has backed dozens of high-profile boxers and celebrities. This is the first time they have achieved this amount of exposure, however. The game was seen by an estimated 10 million viewers.

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On November 07th, 2005 at 5:39 AM eleck mosweu said:

i think this guy has a marital problem back home

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