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Ron Simon streaks Women's British Open

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LYTHAM ST ANNES, ENGLAND, AUGUST, 3, 2003 -- In typical dramatic marketing flair, Internet casino interrupted the Women's British Open as streaker Ron Simon ran onto the course displaying the site's web address on his naked torso.

As Swede favorite Annika Sorenstam and chief rival Korean Se Ri Pak attacked the 15th hole, the self-proclaimed "World's Best Drummer" tore off his Velcro clothes and leaped onto the course wearing nothing but hot rod boxer shorts, the ad tattoo on his chest and back, and a huge smile on his face.

The crowd seemed taken aback at Simon's sudden appearance, then quickly became angry at the interruption. It was apparent that many of the spectators were insulted at this irreverent attitude to the proud institution of golf. They hissed and booed as Simon was escorted off the course by security, and Sorenstam's caddie Terry McNamara even went so far as to give him a swift kick in the rear. The incident did not adversely affect Sorenstam, who went on to win the coveted tournament.

Still wearing nothing but boxer shorts and the tattoo, Simon was interviewed briefly after his release from the Blackpool Police station. He was incarcerated "for his own protection" after the streak, presumably from the hands of enraged golf fans. The drummer was surprisingly upbeat after his short stint in the joint, and mockingly challenged McNamara to a boxing match to settle the score.

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