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A seller from Gulfport, Mississippi has made a cool $51.00 from in exchange for putting a TV commercial on the WXXV Fox25 channel. What the online casino plans to do with the spot is a mystery at this point, but you can bet that they?ll come up with something interesting and unique. The seller says that: ??your 30 sec Commercial (must be tasteful and no bad language) will be aired on the television show After Sunset 6:30 pm Saturdays on Fox25 before Cops.? That sounds like a pretty good slot, and they also say that they?ve pulled in some pretty good ratings for that spot during the sweeps.

The show After Sunset is mainly music videos and news about trendy events on the Mississippi Coast (also called ?Little Vegas?), and is hosted by Erica Fox (also called ?Mississippi?s little diva?). You can see a photo of her on this page. This show has a pretty wide-ranging audience, reaching from ??Slidell LA to Destin FL and as far north as Laurel MS.?, and being viewed in 149,000 households on cable.

The winning bidder also has the offer to be included in ??multiple showings across the show plus the option to do this every Saturday between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm for the next three months.? That seems like quite a deal for $51.00!

This is the first online auction purchase of this kind for the online casino. With nowhere to put a tattoo, and no cleavage or pregnant bellies or foreheads to brand, we can only imagine what they?ll do with this particular win. Perhaps they can advertise some of their other unique online auction buys, like the Car Previously Owned by Pope Benedict XVI, or the 100 Painted Cows, or Forehead Goldie?s permanent forehead tattoo. Who knows?

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On January 26th, 2006 at 11:02 PM scott said:

Hey what that chick name? she hot!

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