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Longest Handcuffed Swim: Filmmaker Breaks World Record, the internet casino famous for their unusual and often outrageous advertising campaigns, has done it again by sponsoring Canadian director Matt Frame's record-breaking feat for the world's longest handcuffed swim.  » Read More

A Holy Ride - Infamous Car Selling Again On eBay is putting The Pope Mobile from record-breaking auction back on the block for charity  » Read More

Museum of Oddities On Tour!!
Requests from fans and players alike to see the collection has been overwhelming so we decided to bring it all to them by creating a museum on wheels.  » Read More hits a home run!
Golden Palace Online Casino has just purchased a black plastic baseball bat on eBay. With a winning bid of $132.50, they are the proud owner of the bat.   » Read More

eBay celeb traveling pants from Vegas!
NLREBEL was having just as much fun at the eBay Live! 2006 conference in Las Vegas as the other 8 power sellers that sponsored.  » Read More plays tag with eBay celeb!
There were some very interesting goings on at the eBay Live 2006 conference in Las Vegas. With over 10,000 attendees, hundreds of expert instructors and speakers eBay Live! 2006 in Las Vegas was a tremendous success.  » Read More

Alien Duck Migrates into Online Casino?s Collection!
Spending $10,000 to win an eBay auction for an x-ray of a duck with an alien in its stomach is just another day at the office for online casino  » Read More The World?s Smurfiest Internet Casino helped set a world record for Most People Dressed as Smurfs last week with 290 costumed people participating in San Francisco's famous ?Bay to Breakers? foot race.  » Read More

?Grilled Cheese Maddona? first copy signed and sold on eBay. has purchased the first copy ever printed of Christopher Cihlar?s new book. Not only did the author sign the copy, but many of the people made famous by their auctions have signed it as well.  » Read More Makes Beautiful Music for Charity. has purchased a Ukulele specially made for Warren Buffet. Mr. Buffet signed the uke before it was sold on eBay for the winning bid of $11,211.11.  » Read More

Online Casino Buys Martin Luther King?s Assassin?s Bathtub
Online casino added another piece of history to their collection: the bathtub that James Earl Ray was standing in when he shot Martin Luther King Jr.  » Read More

Marketing With a Twist: Online Casino Bets on Storm Chasers
A whirlwind of media attention has surrounded online casino for years, but their latest eBay purchase will literally put them in the eye of the storm.  » Read More

Online Casino Gambles on Charity Bowl!
Buying a ceramic bowl for $7,099 sounds crazy, unless you?re, who has spent the last few years making a name for themselves by buying eccentric and unusual items on eBay.  » Read More

Internet Casino Buys Head of Grateful Dead?s Head
Internet casino has touched a nation of hippies and Deadheads, as well as a worthy charity, with their latest eBay purchase of four toilets formerly owned by the legendary Jerry Garcia.  » Read More

Miracle Tree Joins Online Casino?s Collection of Divine Items.
It?s been said that God works in mysterious ways. And it doesn?t get much more mysterious than this?the image of the Virgen De Guadalupe in a tree.  » Read More

William Shatner Passes Kidney Stone To!
Captain?s log. Star date: 011806. William Shatner has gone where no man has gone before and sold a part of himself to for $25,000 to benefit Habitat for Humanity.  » Read More

Internet Casino Acquires Seattle Super Dog ? eBay?s Hottest Dog adds to its collection of eccentric items while benefiting cancer research.  » Read More gets an icy reception!
A courageous and fun-loving group of people took an icy plunge for Gleny and his friends participated in the annual Polarbear Plunge, much to the delight of onlookers.  » Read More

Thames Whale Watering Can Auction Won by Internet Casino has won the auction for the famous watering can used to keep the Thames Whale wet in the attempt to save the mammal.  » Read More

Ex-Marine Escapes From Famous Prison!
Retired marine Jay 'Patch' Platt has done what many have said was an impossible feat; he swam the 1?-mile distance from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco with his hands and feet tied.  » Read More

Robby Gordon Throws Helmet, Katrina Victims Catch Break!
Making the best of a bad situation, NASCAR driver Robby Gordon auctioned off the helmet he threw at fellow driver Michael Waltrip on eBay for $51,100.  » Read More

3000-Mile Atlantic Crossing to be Attempted in Rowboat!, the internet casino that has cornered the market on eccentric eBay purchases, will sponsor a rowing team that will make a 3000 mile journey across the Atlantic Ocean.  » Read More

White House Deed Winds Up In Casino?s Hands!
The only known deed to exist for America?s most famous address has been bought by Internet casino and poker room for an unbelievable $43.45 through online auction house  » Read More

Car Owned by Pope Benedict XVI Rolls through German Cities
The now famous 1999 VW Golf, previously owned by Pope Benedict XVI, and recently won on eBay for an amazing £188,938.88 (approx. $244,590.83 USD), is set to roll though Germany!   » Read More

Hot-rod Rod races in ?Run? revival!
Dennis Rodman is among the many celebrities racing in Bullrun USA 2005, an eight-day, cross-country rally race that is a real-life version of Burt Reynolds? 1981 hit movie Cannonball Run.  » Read More

Bulls Eager For Rodman?s Return
Dennis Rodman?s return to the bulls won?t win him another NBA championship, but it did raise money and awareness for a much-deserving charity.  » Read More

Novel idea! to make another book appearance!
With a winning bid of $5,471.78, has purchased the opportunity to be included in Dave Eggers? forthcoming book, called ?The Journey of the Fishes Overland?.  » Read More makes its literary debut!
David Brin has auctioned off the opportunity to be prominently featured in his upcoming novel. has secured this prospect with a winning bid of $2,250.00.  » Read More helps out the animal victims of Katrina!
In an online auction to raise money for the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina, has purchased some Mardi Gras beads and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Humane Society.  » Read More

Weird Al Yankovic used for doormat!
He stepped on it and had his photo taken so that the doormat could be sold to raise money for charity. From the same eBayer who brought you the Jar of Celebrity Air.  » Read More pays $5,100.00 for Texan Donut! has purchased the donut pictured on this page for $5100.00. The money raised from the sale of the donut will go to help the folks affected by Hurricane Katrina.  » Read More

The Perfect Vehicle For
The Segway human transporter is the perfect vehicle in more ways than one. It's great for getting people where they want to go and soon it will be great for getting the name out there!  » Read More

Fabien Barthez Puppet purchased in eBay Charity Auction, a household name as a result of its innovative marketing campaigns, once again makes headlines as a result of the purchase of Fabien Barthez's puppet counterpart.  » Read More

If You Can't Beat It, Buy It: Bring The Michael Jackson Trial Home
Live the drama of the Michael Jackson trial in the comfort of your own home without locking up your children. has won the auction for the Keith Olbermann Michael Jackson Puppet Theatre.  » Read More Makes History For Naming Monkey SpeciesCompany Wins Right To Name New Species
Internet casino has secured their place in history by winning an online auction to name a new species of monkey found in a Bolivian jungle.  » Read More

Company Wins eBay Auction To Permanently Advertise On Woman's Wheelchair
In her ongoing battle against Multiple Sclerosis, Ana Torres found a unique eBay auction idea to help make extra money for her family.  » Read More kneads its way to win eBay Bread and Board
After a frenzy of last-minute bidding, walked away with Tony Danza's bread, or the best parts at least: the ends.  » Read More

Supersize This! Buys World's Most Expensive Fry From McDonald's for $75,100
The prop was created for DDB Chicago's production of McDonald's "Lincoln Fry" advertisements.  » Read More

Polar Plunge for Special Olympics!
During a cold day in February, this team of characters jumped into the frigid waters off New Jersey. Their antics earned money for the Special Olympics through a contribution from  » Read More's Wolves-hosted Charity Shootout!
Rock Legends Robert Plant, founder member of Led Zeppelin, and ex-Deep Purple bassist Glenn Hughes, at Charity Shootout event day.  » Read More

Online Casino "Buys" Conservative on eBay has "bought" Michael Graham, the noted author, pundit, and host of a daily talk show on 630 WMAL - the number one talk station in Washington, DC.  » Read More

Mystifying Image Of Virgin Mary On Grilled Cheese Sandwich Sold To
Mystifying Image Of Virgin Mary On Grilled Cheese Sandwich Sold To  » Read More

Dennis Rodman Worth $13,800 On eBay has announced that it will be listing for sale a unique vacation - a High Roller's Fantasy Package to Las Vegas with celebrity party animal Dennis Rodman.  » Read More Buys Weeping Jesus Rock
The Weeping Jesus Rock bought by Golden Palace for $2,550 US on eBay will be added to the to GP's tour of wondrous items to generate funds for charity.  » Read More

First Ghost Sold on eBay - Buys Another Paranormal Item, the online casino that recently bought the immensely popular Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich, has just bought another paranormal item on eBay.  » Read More Buys Authentic Titanic Artifact For $10,000
An authentic plate from the doomed ship Titanic has been sold on eBay, through, for $10,000 USD to  » Read More

Internet Casino's UK Charity Shootout Kicks off announced their latest strategy to use 'The Beckham Ball' as a tool to benefit charities worldwide.  » Read More

Dennis Rodman Runs with the Bulls for MS
Dennis Rodman, legendary basketball player, and Ray Sabbatini, a man stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, ran with the bulls to help fund research to find a cure for MS.  » Read More

Shoe Shopping For Breast Cancer Research went on a shopping spree at the online Stuart Weitzman Celebrity Shoe Auction for Breast Cancer Research, purchasing shoes decorated by celebrities.  » Read More

Beckham Ball Scores For Charity has launched the first phase of The Ball's tour around the globe, helping to raise approximately $160,000 for charity at a Polish football match.  » Read More

Ellen DeGeneres' Kid Goes to Space
The Ellen DeGeneres one-of-a-kind Cabbage Patch Kid will be launched into outer space, courtesy of  » Read More

Internet Casino Buys $16,000 Hockey Mask For Charity was the winning bidder for the Don Cherry One-of-a-Kind Goalie Mask paying $16,010, making it the world's most expensive goalie mask.  » Read More has 'The Beckham Ball'!
The infamous ball from David Beckham's missed shootout kick at Euro 2004 Quarter-Final match vs. Portugal is now in the hands of  » Read More

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